Two safety features of mobile tool vehicle

Update:30 Jun 2020

Mobile tool carts should be used in automobile 4S shops […]

Mobile tool carts should be used in automobile 4S shops, auto repair shops, assembly lines in large factories, such as bus factories, aircraft manufacturing companies, etc. Mainly divided into mobile tool carts and heavy tool carts.

Everyone uses mobile tool carts frequently, and his main function is to manage and configure various tools, knives and spare parts on the production site, and make the management and configuration of these tools truly punctual, accurate, efficient and low consumption. But since it is a storage tool, it is natural to ensure the safety of users and tools.

Mobile tool cart

First, the mobile tool cart is made of high-quality cold-rolled plates, and it also adopts a multi-support, internally reinforced structure, which is durable and strong, and has a strong bearing capacity to ensure the safety of the tool. A central security lock is also installed on the mobile tool cart, and all drawers can be locked with one lock, which not only guarantees the storage safety of the tools, but also manages by the enterprise.

Second, the drawer of the mobile tool cart uses high-quality guide rails and bearings, which not only ensures the service life, but also ensures that the drawer can be opened and closed easily when it is fully loaded. The mobile tool cart drawer Shanghai is equipped with a safety buckle device, which can ensure that the drawer will not slide out when moving or tilting, which not only protects the safety of the mobile tool cart user's life, but also prevents the tool from being damaged due to sliding.

Points to note when using a mobile tool cart:

1 Do not open multiple drawers at the same time, otherwise the body will fall over;

2 Do not pull the cart forward with your back to the tool cart, please keep the cart stable with the front cart;

3 Do not stand on the tool cart or drawer to avoid accidents;

4 The weight of the object should not exceed the maximum weight of the drawer;

5 Please step on the brake when the tool cart is stationary, and lock the drawer before moving the tool cart;

6 Please wear gloves when using tools to avoid being scratched by sharp or rough objects;