Use characteristics of drawer type tool cabinet

Update:07 Jul 2020

There are many kinds of tool cabinet designs, with draw […]

There are many kinds of tool cabinet designs, with drawers, removable, and tool cabinets specially designed for heavy processing in factories and workshops. Yuyao Qiangsheng Tools Co., Ltd. has many years of tool cabinet sales experience, and the designed tool cabinets are fully in line with customers The demand for tool cabinets is guaranteed by factory direct sales and after-sales service.

1. High-strength result design and powder-spraying surface treatment process can adapt to the more complex working environment of the factory.

2. Equipped with high-quality bearings and guide rails to ensure that the drawer can be opened and closed easily under rated load.

3. Drawers of different heights can be freely configured as required to fully meet the needs of the production site.

4. The top frame with oil-proof rubber pad can be configured to protect the placed items from damage and prevent the items from sliding down.

5. With advanced locks, all drawers can be locked with only one lock to ensure the safety of items.

6. The bottom of the cabinet is equipped with foot pads to protect the cabinet from damage when placed or moved, and it is convenient to use a forklift to carry it.

A variety of surface colors to meet the needs of the overall layout of the production site

7. Full-width aluminum alloy drawer handle and replaceable label, beautiful, convenient and practical.

8. The advanced drawer safety buckle design ensures that the drawer will not slide out accidentally after closing.

The optimized design of tool cabinet products is achieved by standardizing, serializing and generalizing the design of product parts. Among them, drawers are widely used in furniture products and have certain representative significance. In this paper, according to the composition and structure of the drawer tool cabinet drawer, the drawer parts are standardized, serialized and generalized design, so that the drawer meets the principles of interchangeability and optimized design, so as to reduce costs, improve material utilization, and improve The purpose of production efficiency.