Production characteristics of heavy tool cabinets

Update:23 Jun 2020

1. The guide rail is made of 3.0mm cold-rolled steel pl […]

1. The guide rail is made of 3.0mm cold-rolled steel plate, the column is made of 1.5mm cold-rolled steel plate, and the side plate is made of 1.0mm cold-rolled steel plate. After phosphating and pickling, plus powder baking paint, it has achieved anti-rust effect.

2. The structure of the box is solid, and the bottom is equipped with adjusting feet, which can protect the cabinet and improve the shaking phenomenon caused by uneven ground.

3. Unscrewing connecting rod lock device, once locked, the drawer is completely locked.

4. The drawer is equipped with a safety device system. Without manual operation, the drawer will not slip out and fall.

5. Drawer slide rail design, with bearing sliding, single rail drawer opening 80%, load per drawer 100KG, double rail drawer 100% fully open, load per drawer 200KG.

6. Full-width aluminum alloy handle design, with marking paper and PVC transparent film.

7. The slide rail is provided with a fixed buckle to prevent it from falling during transportation.

8. The outer edge of the drawer handle is level with the box body, not exposed to the outside of the box body, anti-collision, safe and beautiful.

9. The door panel is a perforated screen, which can be installed with hooks to hang various tools for easy use.