Talking about how to accept the tool cabinet

Update:28 Oct 2020

After customizing the tool cabinet, we can wait for the […]

After customizing the tool cabinet, we can wait for the acceptance of the tool cabinet. Of course, the acceptance of the tool cabinet is not a simple matter, because once you sign it, it shows that you have no objections to the product quality. Once a failure occurs, the loss may only be borne by the company.

First of all, the acceptance of the tool cabinet must select some people who are particularly familiar with the tool cabinet, so that various problems of the tool cabinet can be found in time and discussed and solved.

Secondly, when accepting the tool cabinet, you must check it carefully. In the process of transportation, a little carelessness may cause knocks on the tool cabinet, and these need to be checked out when we accept, so as to better protect our legal rights and interests.

Third, check all kinds of accessories, manuals, certificates, etc. strictly in accordance with the contract. If there are any omissions, they must be completed before signing, so as to reduce unnecessary troubles.

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