How to ensure that the tool cabinet will not be easily corroded

Update:04 Nov 2020

As we all know, once tool cabinets are made of metal ma […]

As we all know, once tool cabinets are made of metal materials, metal will inevitably undergo corrosion. Therefore, the surface of tool cabinets will undergo some special surface treatments before they leave the factory to reduce the possibility of corrosion.

However, even with this layer of surface protection, we still cannot relax our vigilance, and the necessary protective measures are still in place.

1. The tool cabinet should be placed in a cool, dry and ventilated location to reduce the impact of water on the tool cabinet.

2. The tool cabinet should not be placed in the sun for a long time in the sun to prevent the surface paint of the tool cabinet from peeling off due to heat, which will affect the maintenance effect of the tool cabinet.

3. When using the tool cabinet to store sharp objects, be careful not to scratch the surface coating of the tool cabinet and bring trouble to the anti-rust work of the tool cabinet.

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