Structural advantages of tool cabinet

Update:26 Aug 2020

Tool cabinet structure 1. Structure design and special […]

Tool cabinet structure

1. Structure design and special powder spray surface treatment process

2. The guide rail is equipped with high-quality bearings, so that a single drawer can open and close smoothly under the rated load.

3. Adjustable partition in the drawer

4. Full-width aluminum alloy drawer handles and replaceable labels are beautiful, convenient and practical.

5. The advanced drawer buckle design ensures that the drawer will not be accidentally closed.

6. Equipped with a baffle design to ensure that the drawer will not fall after opening.  

7. Adopt advanced level locks, advanced locks, all drawers can be locked with only one key to guarantee items.

8. Drawers of different heights can be configured to meet the needs of customers.

9. The feet at the bottom of the cabinet protect the cabinet from damage when it is placed or, and it is convenient to carry it with a forklift.

10. A variety of surface colors, the user's overall layout requirements.

11. Drawers of different heights can be selected according to needs to fully meet the needs of the production site.

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Workshop tool cabinet\School special tool cabinet\Household tool cabinet\Classified by load-bearing capacity, light tool cabinet, medium tool cabinet

Heavy-duty tool cabinet, divided according to the drawer structure, single-rail drawers, the drawers cannot all be pulled out.

Double-rail drawer, that is, there are fixed rails and moving rails inside, and the drawers can all be pulled out.