Analysis on the advantages of mold rack tool cabinet

Update:19 Aug 2020

Mold rack tool cabinet products are suitable for machin […]

Mold rack tool cabinet products are suitable for machinery, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, archives, aviation, docks, railways, automobiles and other industries. In addition, our company also undertakes all kinds of metal products processing and baking paint.

1. Adopt the unique circulating air duct in the cabinet to carry out the strong near convection of the air, and quickly create a temperature-balanced internal environment

2. The control measurement is accurate and the measuring range is wide. The tool cabinet can observe the situation in the cabinet and dynamically display the temperature and humidity data in the cabinet synchronously

3. With independent overheating protection device, the tool cabinet can control the temperature in the cabinet not to exceed 42℃, ensuring that the safety appliances stored in the tool cabinet will not damage other insulation properties due to long-term high temperature, ensuring its long-term reliability and practicality.

4. The general specification of tool cabinet is 2000*800*450 (mm) high*width*thick, flexible to move and easy to place. Infrared dehumidifier can be added to the cabinet space. The cabinet structure can be classified and grouped according to customer needs according to the space occupied by different specifications and quantities. It is tailor-made for tools and instruments, sorted and stored neatly.

5. Safety tool cabinet: The cabinet is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, rolled and welded, with a thickness of 1.2mm, and a weight of 75 kg, with good airtight performance. The surface of the cabinet is made of electrostatic rot spraying and the color is camel gray wrinkles. The cabinet door is equipped with transparent organic glass. Through the glass door, you can see various tools and instruments in order.