Daily maintenance method of tool cart

Update:28 Dec 2020

Daily maintenance of tool cart: 1. Apply anti-rust oil […]

Daily maintenance of tool cart:

1. Apply anti-rust oil and lubricating oil to the tool cart regularly.

2. Avoid direct collision and scratching of tool carts with sharps.

3. To prevent oxidation of the plastic powder, please avoid direct sunlight, and avoid overloading the tool cart.

4. Avoid placing it in a humid and watery environment for a long time to prevent rust.

5. The daily care of the tool cart can remove all kinds of stains by gently wiping with a clean wet towel, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

The feature of the tool cabinet is nothing more than the convenient storage of tools. If casters are added, the tool cabinet can also be moved flexibly, making production and processing more convenient. It is a very good tool storage cabinet. As a drawer-type tool cabinet manufacturer, Suzhou Duhao introduces some features of the tool cabinet for the reference of buyers.

(1) The tool cabinet is made of high-quality steel plate, which has both load bearing and durability.

(2) Multi-drawer production, to meet the storage of different tools, more convenient to use.

(3) A variety of tool cabinets are designed with drawer-type safety devices to avoid vibration and are safer to use. The drawer stretch is 100%. The cabinet body adopts drawer guides to choose pure single-track configuration, pure double-track configuration or single-double-track mixed configuration. Meet the technical standards.

(4) The classification box and baffle designed in the drawer type tool cabinet make reasonable use of space so that tool classification is not a problem.

Structural advantages of tool carts

1. The integrated steel hook of the tool trolley, the cabinet of the tool trolley adopts a special surface for self-care, which has strong corrosion resistance and is suitable for various working environments;

2. The lock mechanism adopts spring tubular lock, which is comfortable to the hand. All drawers of the tool cart can be locked with only one lock. The mutual opening rate of spring tubular locks reaches 1/1000

3. Full-width handle, beautiful and reliable, and easy to open the drawer;

4. Full extension guide rail and drawer load 100kG,

5. The material is made of high-strength hard steel with a thickness of 1.0MM; the normal service life of the tool cart is 50,000 times;

6. The top frame can be installed on the top of the cabinet to increase the use space. Interested parties are welcome to inquire and obtain tool cart information.

The structural advantages of tool carts are especially suitable for production workshops, maintenance workshops, assembly line production, warehouses, spare parts warehouses, auto repair shops, hardware accessories, clean rooms, etc.

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