Characteristics and classification of workshop tool cabinets

Update:22 Dec 2020

The tool cabinet is suitable for fixed management of to […]

The tool cabinet is suitable for fixed management of tools, knives and parts at the production site, so that your item access work is truly punctual, accurate, efficient and low-consumption.

1. High-strength structural design and special powder coating surface treatment technology can adapt to the complex working environment of the factory.

2. The guide rail equipped with high-quality bearings ensures that a single drawer can be opened and closed easily and smoothly under the rated load.

3. The freely adjustable partition in the drawer allows you to separate the storage space at will.

4. The full-width aluminum alloy drawer handles and replaceable labels are beautiful, convenient and practical.

5. The advanced drawer safety buckle design ensures that the drawer will not accidentally slip out after being closed.

6. Equipped with a safety baffle design to ensure that the drawer will not fall 100% after opening.

7. Adopt the international advanced level lock, advanced lock, all drawers can only be locked with one key to ensure the safety of the items.

8. Drawers of different heights can be configured freely to fully meet customer needs.

9. The foot pad at the bottom of the cabinet can prevent the cabinet from being damaged when it is placed or moved, and is convenient for forklift handling.

10. A variety of surface colors can meet the overall layout requirements of users.

11. You can freely select and configure drawers of different heights according to your needs to fully meet the needs of the production site.

12. It can be equipped with a top frame with oil-proof rubber pad to protect the placed items from damage and prevent items from slipping off.

Classified by place of use: factory workshop tool cabinet, school special tool cabinet, household tool cabinet

Classified by load capacity: light tool cabinet, medium tool cabinet, heavy tool cabinet

According to the drawer structure:

When using a single-rail drawer, all drawers cannot be pulled out. (Similar to a locker at home, but with greater weight)

Double-rail drawer, that is, there are fixed rails and movable rails inside, and the drawer can be pulled out.

Three-level slide drawer (that is, spherical slide)

I-shaped guide rail (this is a simple guide rail with small load-bearing capacity and low price)

What are the requirements for the storage location of the safety tool cabinet? The storage place should be relatively dry and ventilated. Do not use it in direct sunlight. Try not to use it in a humid environment to avoid corrosive gas. The specific requirements for storing the safety tool cabinet are as follows.

The storage space is easy to dry, ventilate and avoid light; the humid environment is easy to cause the plastic powder on the surface to fall off and rust. The frame should be protected from direct sunlight. Plastic powder is sensitive to ultraviolet light and easily fades.