Cleaning the tool cabinet is also a school

Update:14 Oct 2020

When it comes to how to clean the tool cabinet, many pe […]

When it comes to how to clean the tool cabinet, many people are dismissive of it, or just whoever wipes the touch, there is nothing else to say. In fact, these seemingly simple items have many aspects that need our attention.

First of all, you should choose a soft cotton cloth for wiping, not just pick up a piece of cloth and use it. The hard cloth can scratch the tool cabinet during the wiping process, and even damage the surface coating of the tool cabinet, which will affect the protection and service life of the tool cabinet.

Secondly, if you encounter stains that are difficult to remove during the wiping process, you may need to use detergents, and most of the general detergents are acid-alkaline. Improper use can easily corrode the tool cabinet and even affect the tool cabinet. Service life, so it is recommended that everyone try to choose a professional neutral detergent to reduce the impact of detergent on the tool cabinet.

Finally, after wiping the tool cabinet, be sure to wipe it with a dry cloth to wipe off the remaining moisture on the surface and keep the tool cabinet dry and tidy to reduce the possibility of residual moisture affecting the tool cabinet and tools.

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