What motors are used in the juice machine,the wall breaker and the mixer

Update:19 Jan 2020

Design of mixer motor Blender in English is blender, wh […]

Design of mixer motor
Blender in English is blender, which is easy to understand literally, it is a machine that mixes everything together. No matter what ingredients you put in, it's all shattered into a ball. So it can make milkshakes, smoothies, sauces, smoothies, thick soups, baby foods and all liquid pasty foods. In English it is also called liquidizer (liquefaction machine). This mixer uses a series torque motor with a large torque. The smoothness of the smoothie can not be turned over. During the smoothie process, the resistance encountered by the motor may cause excessive load, so the heat dissipation of the motor. The requirements are very strict. Ordinary aluminum electrodes will be burned frequently due to insufficient heat dissipation. The average service life of the motor is up to 800 hours. The strong torque will grind the ice cubes more carefully. Control protection, pure copper enameled wire and high temperature resistant carbon brush, easily adapt to high strength requirements.
2.Design scheme of motor of wall breaking machine
The wall breaking machine that is very popular recently can be understood as a high-power mixer. Can break cell walls. High-demand wall-breaking machines use brushless motors to reduce the noise of the wall-breaking machines to a greater extent and increase the service life of the motors. In addition, brushless DC motors have the advantage of high efficiency and energy saving. Achieve intelligent control.
3. Motor juice design plan
Now more popular juice machine, the working principle is to use a screw shaft to rotate at low speed (so called slow juicer), squeeze the fruit in a large area, squeeze the juice out. You can imagine that the fruit is wrung out like a towel, and the juice is wrung out, and the rest is pomace. Compared with the traditional centrifugal juicer, the juice yield of the original juicer is higher, the squeezed juice will not be layered, the nutrition and aroma of the fruit are better preserved, and the cleaning is more convenient.
The original juice machine uses a gear box reduction motor. The gear reduction motor is a low-noise all-copper closed motor that rotates at low speed and has a large torque. The principle of a gear reduction motor is similar to a car gearbox. The smaller the speed, the greater the force. The gear reduction motor originally used high-precision gear sensing design.