What are the precautions for making the weight box

Update:22 Feb 2020

The so-called weight box is to put weights of various w […]

The so-called weight box is to put weights of various weights inside the entire body, which is convenient for use on the one hand, and on the other hand, protects the weight's brightness and makes it accurate. Let us know some points to pay attention to when making weight boxes.
I. Appearance of weight box
The nature of the weight is bright, so when we design the appearance of the box, choosing the color is the key. We must focus on the high-end of the weight.
Second, the internal model of the weight box
Choose a suitable material for the inner mold. The hardness should not be too hard, otherwise the weight itself will be scratched, and the hole diameter should be appropriate. The weight can vary from large to small to prevent it from shaking.
Material of weight box
The plate should be thickened, and most of the weight is stainless steel. The panel and handle are very important. Be sure to choose a strong and durable type.