The main application areas and six uses of mobile tool cabinets

Update:20 May 2020

The mobile tool cabinet, also known as a mobile tool ca […]

The mobile tool cabinet, also known as a mobile tool cart, is a mobile container device used to store hand tools. The counter surface of the mobile tool is uniquely injection-molded, which has higher strength, smooth surface treatment, and it is easier to wipe oil and handle The use of soft plastic integral injection processing is more in line with ergonomics. It is mainly used in automobile 4S shops, automobile repair shops, assembly lines of large factories, such as bus factories, aircraft manufacturing companies, etc. Mainly divided into mobile tool cabinets and heavy tool cabinets.
Mobile tool cart
Mobile tool cart, also known as tool cart, is a kind of movable container equipment used to store hand tools. The mobile tool cart is suitable for the fixed management of tools, knives and parts in the production site, so that your item access work can be truly on time, accurate, efficient and low consumption. Mobile tool carts are also suitable for automobile 4S shops, auto repair shops, assembly lines of large factories, etc., such as bus factories and aircraft manufacturing companies. Mainly divided into mobile tool carts and heavy tool carts.
1. Automobile 4S shops will be equipped with a certain number of mobile tool cabinets when they build a station to facilitate the use of tools and improve efficiency. At the same time, they can be commensurate with their grades and improve grades;
2. Large-scale factories: Large-scale factories are mostly assembly-line operations, and it is very troublesome to extract them with ordinary toolboxes, and mobile tool cabinets just solve this problem.
3. Passenger car and aircraft manufacturing companies: Large passenger car and aircraft manufacturing companies have relatively high requirements for the environment of the tool shop, and at the same time, the work stations are relatively large, so they must be equipped with certain mobile tool cabinets.
Six uses of tool carts
The mobile tool cart has the comprehensive results of dustproof, damage-proof and moisture-proof. Supply a proper storage environment for insulated tools to keep them rigid. Insulated rubber sheets meet the requirements of the storage tool storage environment standard (GB / T18037). According to different placement needs, different internal structure assembly methods are determined and properly placed for use; according to different sizes of insulating tools, different specifications of products are decided to meet the needs of placement; with the use of tools to take out the results of no condensation at all.
Mobile tool cart
Six uses of workshop tool carts:
1. It is convenient, punctual, accurate, efficient and low-consumption to store or store items in the workshop tool cart.
Second, the workshop tool cart is suitable for the placement of tools, knives and parts, saving space and being organized.
3. Engage in maintenance and assembly to increase the efficiency by two or three times. Find workshop tool carts from Bangfuxing Industrial Tool Carts for wholesale.
4. The stainless steel tool cart is also called stainless steel tool cabinet. It is used by the fitter, the tool card measuring tool is well positioned, the positioning shelf is positioned, and the accurate measuring tool guarantees the quality.
Fifth, the mobile tool cart in the workshop is the most suitable for supporting machine tools. The amount of tools and cards is put in, and the worker master measures well.
6. Tool carts play a role in placement management in the production workshop.