Talking about the basic technical requirements of the tool cabinet

Update:08 Dec 2020

A good tool cabinet naturally has its strict technical […]

A good tool cabinet naturally has its strict technical standards, otherwise, we have no way to distinguish whether it is good or bad. So, for the general tool cabinet manufacturer, the tool cabinet must meet those necessary technical parameters to be considered high-quality? Let's take a brief look at it below.

1. The cabinet body of the tool cabinet is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, which is formed by rolling and welding. The thickness of the steel plate and the self-weight of the cabinet body have certain standards to ensure the load-bearing strength and standing stability.

2. The surface treatment technology of the tool cabinet is electrostatic spraying process, and the color will also be selected according to the different needs of different companies. The cabinet door can also be equipped with transparent organic glass, and various tools can be clearly seen through the glass door The placement situation.

3. The specifications of the tool cabinet can also be customized according to the needs, which is convenient for enterprises to place and use the tool cabinet more flexibly. The cabinet structure pages can be re-categorized and grouped according to customer needs, so that customers can manage and use more effectively.