Knowledge of intelligent safety tool cabinet intelligent system

Update:08 Sep 2020

The safety tool cabinet is a device that can provide a […]

The safety tool cabinet is a device that can provide a suitable storage environment for insulated tools, and its interior can be guaranteed to be dry, which meets the national requirements for the storage of insulated tools. Aiming at the current cracks in the management of power tools in power supply companies, the use of cloud intelligent IoT management systems can effectively solve this problem. This system is mainly composed of a remote operation center and a wireless network, which can monitor the temperature, humidity and other parameters inside the tool cabinet in real time, and manage user information through the remote center. The main advantages of cost, and extended functions, application capabilities are replaced.

Intelligent safety tool cabinet management system
(1) The cabinet body is made of cold-rolled steel plate, rolled and welded to form, the thickness of the steel plate is 1.2mm, and the cabinet body weight is 75 kg to ensure the load-bearing strength and stability.
(2) The surface of the cabinet body is made of electrostatic decay and plastic spraying process, and the color is camel wrinkles. The cabinet door is inserted into the whole body of transparent plexiglass. Through the glass door, you can see various tools and instruments in order.
(3) Cabinet shape specifications: height * width * thickness 2000 * 800 * 450 (mm), flexible to move, easy to place, the space of the cabinet can be equipped with an infrared heat removal dehumidifier.
(4) The cabinet structure can be classified and grouped and designed according to customer needs according to the space occupied by different types, specifications and quantities, tailored for tools and equipment, sorted and placed neatly.
(5) Excellent dehumidification ability, stable operation, low noise, low humidity rise, low failure rate, basically maintenance-free or less maintenance, can meet the needs of rapid repeated use, and timely dehumidify and dry the insulating tools.
(6) Control measurement, wide range, can observe the situation in the cabinet and dynamically display the temperature and humidity data in the cabinet synchronously
(7) The operation is simple and reliable, and the automatic/manual control can be switched freely. In the automatic state, it can operate according to the preset parameters, and automatically adjust the temperature rise in the cabinet according to the change of the external environment temperature to ensure that the tools in the cabinet are not used. Condensation.
(8) There is an independent overheating protection device, which can control the maximum temperature in the cabinet to not exceed 42°C, ensuring that the safety appliances stored in the cabinet will not damage other insulation properties due to long-term high temperature, ensuring its long-term reliability and practicality.
(9) Adopt the unique circulating air duct in the cabinet to carry out the strong near convection of the air, and quickly create a temperature-balanced internal environment
(10) Take complete safety protection measures, reliable grounding, leakage protection device in the cabinet, insulation strength between power input terminal and cabinet body ≥20MΩ, AC withstand voltage 2000V/2min, to ensure the personal safety of users.
The above is a brief introduction of the intelligent system in the intelligent safety tool cabinet. I hope you have more understanding of the safety tool cabinet, so that you can choose the intelligent safety tool cabinet that meets your functional needs according to the functions of your own needs!